Disability Insurance

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What is your biggest asset?


Every client I meet with is striving to attain financial freedom, allowing them to eventually be able to cut back and enjoy a comfortable retirement. So, one of the first things I ask is that question; What is your biggest asset? Invariably they answer their house or their car, their investments, etc. I then ask, how important is that one resource that provides the revenue which allows them to acquire those "things". Most people simply don't have the resources to continue in their lifestyle for more than a few weeks if their income stopped and give very little thought to making certain they have proper coverage to protect their income if they became disabled. Building the secure base that everyone needs, means wading into topics that are not always the most enjoyable and are made even more difficult to understand when few insurance brokers are knowledgeable in those programs.


Disabilities can strike anyone at any time. Accidents and sicknesses such as depression and mental illness, cancer, heart disease, strokes, arthritis, back pain, diabetes; the list is endless. One of the very first individuals I met my early insurance career was a young 31 year old woman who was enjoying a thriving consulting business. She was single, owned her own high end condominium outright, drove a very expensive sports car and simply enjoyed life to its fullest. At the end of our meeting she thanked me but said she didn't think she would ever need any insurance as she had no dependents, lived a very healthy lifestyle, did regular exercise, had a good diet, etc. That was Friday afternoon. I learned that on the following Sunday she was out with friends and as a trained gymnast was doing some workouts when she slipped and landed awkwardly, suffering a spinal cord injury that left her a permanent paraplegic. It did not take long before her car was repossessed and her home sold at a fraction of the market value in order to have funds to pay for rehabilitation.


Life insurance is simple; you are either alive or dead. Disabilities on the other hand are much more complex as they can be caused in numerous ways, effecting different people in different ways and with different intensities. There can be several disabilities during your working career. In fact during an individuals working career they are at least 10 times more likely to suffer a disability then they are to die.


This type of topic is certainly not the most enjoyable to talk about, let alone write about, but I do simply because it is so important. Where I certainly hope that my clients never need to worry about going on claim for a disability, I am comforted in the fact that I have provided them with the best products to meet their needs. If you find this topic of interest and would like to find out more, please go to my website at www.thelivingbenefitsgroup.com and give me a call.